Valentine’s Day Gifts

Valentine’s Day is the day where love is in the air and where gifts are given to others in appreciation of their love and presence.

Valentine’s Day can be a good holiday and a bad holiday for some people.

” Valentine’s Day is not really a holiday I like because you are getting nothing out of it, and it’s nothing to be really excited about.” said Dermont Kyle, senior.

“Today was not really a good day for me, and I did not have a soulmate to celebrate it with,” said Zaniah Bridgeforth, freshman.

“It’s not really important because couples celebrate and cherish their love everyday,” said Tashayla Miller, freshman.

Other students are positive about Valentines day.

“Valentine’s day is about the love you give others and not what you get from others; it’s all about how much you care for another and how much you appreciate their love,” said Juelz Williams, senior.

On this holiday it does not matter what you will get or whom will give it to you, but others think differently.

“Boys should receive a gift from a girl because the holiday is about both of them, and it really does not revolve around only them, it’s about their love,”  said Ladarius Wilson, senior.