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Getting Up For School Early

Studies show that high school students have different sleep cycles from everyone else.

Despite this data, students are expected to be at school by 8:19 a.m.

Many people have developed a plan to cope with the early mornings.

“I like to make classes funnier on some days so that my students will stay awake in my class,” Mr. Roger “Trip” Maxfield, history department, said.

Practical recommendations are easy to follow.

“Simply put the phone down, and go to bed,” Adam Tate, personal finance, said.

” Set alarms, plan ahead of time; don’t stay up to late,” Mrs. Mandy Riley, English department said. “Manage your time right; don’t play around on your phone at night.”

There are negative  health effects from inadequate sleep.

“I have anxiety and depression when I don’t get enough sleep,” Semiyah Royal, junior, said.

“You can’t focus, you can’t stay awake, and you’re not really motivated [when you have not enough sleep],” Ms. Allie Reid, math department said.

“Lack of sleep can cause teens to have bad attitudes and affects the way they talk to peers and adults,”¬† Mrs. Elizabeth Mayo, special education teacher, said.

Job performance and academic performance are affected when students have too little sleep.

“It depends on how [students] sleep at night; everybody is different, ” Mr. James Banks, gym teacher said.

“We will be more tired to get up very early in the morning,” said freshman Eric Wilson, Jr.

“Lack of sleep does affect me because I tend to go to sleep during class,” said freshman JaCobi Bradner.

“Yes, not going to sleep early increases poor academic performance,”¬† Tate said.

“Inadequate sleep can most definitely affect grades. If you don’t go to bed early, you’re not at your best the next day, ” Maxfield said.







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