College Week

CHS seniors recently got the opportunity to talk to different local college representatives about their future career choices and educational  opportunities.

As a bonus, they were provided different codes that allowed them to waive certain college application fees. Students were also granted the opportunity to do immediate onsite admissions to Longwood University.

Personally, I talked to the DCC advisor and was given a gift bag with a DCC class course booklet, a pamphlet with information about DCC, and a small stuffed bear.  The advisor was very helpful with advice on where to begin my schooling to seek my future profession which is occupational therapist.

Other colleges who participated were Liberty University, Averett University, and Ferrum College.

College Week was a very helpful experience,  and it’s nice to know that there are many options for college and many fields to go into. It is also very encouraging to know that there are people who are willing to help you get to where you want to be.