Relationships At Chatham


High school romantic relationships are fascinating, intriguing, and worth exploring. 

Everyone is looking for someone special.  

“I look for a good personality because that matters most in every human being.” Logan Perry, a freshman, said. “They can have a bad physical appearance, and I’d still like them for their personality.” 

Not everyone feels strongly about personality. “I think the most important quality is attractiveness, because I don’t want to date ugly people.” Jordyn “Jay” Burgess, a sophmore, said. 

Many people expressed that they don’t care if they have children. “Nope. It doesn’t matter if they do or don’t want kids, I’m happy as long as they are happy,” Perry said. 

“Kids are a choice that both people should agree on,” Logan Amos, a junior, said. 

Many people also expressed that they don’t care if their family likes their partner. “I don’t really care what my family thinks. At all. It’s my relationship not theirs.” Burgess said. “I care about my feelings as a person, and if my family feels differently then that’s their opinion,” Perry said. 

Most people didn’t feel strongly about getting married. “Marriage isn’t in my best interest. I don’t really care about marriage that much,” Burgess said. 

“What really matters to me is, does my partner personally want to get married?” Amos said. 

People often have differing ideas as to what showing love means. “To buy them nice things or to give them things. Everybody loves gifts.” Burgess said. “Tell them how much you appreciate them and how your life has been improved by them,” Amos said.