The Best of The Best at CHS

Student athletes balance all of their social life, practices, games, and academics throughout the sport seasons.

Kendell Saunders, junior, conditions for football, plays varsity baseball, and runs track.

“I go to school, attend football workouts after school, and depending on the day, I’ll either go to baseball or track practice,” said Saunders. “I normally do not have time to do much school work; I just make sure I get everything I have to do done in school knowing I have a busy schedule,” said Saunders. “It can definitely be stressful, but my teachers and coaches are very understanding and flexible to my schedule.”

William Anderson is a sophomore who plays varsity soccer for the boys.

“Being a student athlete feels good because it is my biggest outlet for me,” says Anderson. “I balance my school work and sports by setting my priorities; priorities as in setting specific times for homework and studying, then getting the work done.” Anderson says, “I do love being a student athlete overall because playing with your friends in front of family and friends is enjoyable.”

Alyssa Terry is a senior who plays varsity softball and travel volleyball.

“Being a student athlete does become stressful; trying to balance school, sports, and life [is challenging].¬† But it’s worth it because I won’t be playing sports forever,” says Terry. “I don’t feel that I’ve had to given up a social life because I get to see my friends during practices and make other connections through sports.” She said, “The worst thing about it [playing sports] is that it can take a toll out on your body. The best thing about it is getting to play with my friends.”