Girls Varsity soccer beats Appomattox

The Varsity Girls Soccer beat Appomattox recently for the first time since 2016.

The Cavs beat them 3-2. They went into the game determined to beat this team.

Freshman Delaney Haymore scored a goal in the first ten minutes of the game. After a few runs, Appomattox scored a goal, tying the game 1-1. Haymore came back and scored a goal putting the Cavs up by one to close the first half. “I didn’t think I was going to score both goals in the first half, they were so physical,” said Haymore.

After a few runs back and forth the second half, Haymore scored another goal, putting the Cavs up 3-2. Appomattox came back and scored with five minutes left in the game, but they couldn’t come back to tie the game to put it in overtime. The Cavs left the field crying tears of joy and celebrating because they finally beat Appomattox after six years of losses.

“Beating Appomattox was exhilarating! They have always been an amazing team. We played with everything we had, and I’m so proud to be apart of the team,” said Kerri Lee, senior.

“I think all of us played very well and I am so happy for the team,” said Kevanna Gibson, freshman.

Goalie Quanadra Tunstall had 16 saves.