Halloween Costumes

Dressing up in costumes for Halloween is very popular.

Many students take joy in dressing themselves up and walking around to show off their costumes.

Popular costumes are serial killers, scary monsters, villains, and heroes, as well as princesses, fairies, and 80s.

Many people dress up as something scary to scare other people and to get a laugh out of their screams.

Some Chatham adults dressed up for Trunk or Treat as a clown and as the guy from Jeepers Creepers.
A Gretna man dressed up as a mummy.


People are even dressing up their pets for Halloween. Many houses gave out pet treats to anyone who  came with their pet. They also took a lot pictures to post online.

These dogs were dressed as a mummy and a ghost.
This dog was dressed as Wonder bread.


Some kids even  dressed up in their school sports uniforms to show their school spirit.

He wore his Gretna football gear for Halloween.
She wore her cheerleading uniform for Halloween.


There are many more costumes people wear for Halloween. Halloween is the second largest commercial holiday, and it continues to gain popularity each year.