Did You Like The Superbowl?

Students were intrigued by the Superbowl this year against the Kansas City Chiefs and the Philadelphia Eagles.

People liked the halftime performance put on by Rihanna since it was her first time performing in seven years.

“She did her thing,” said junior Javion Martin.

“It was lit,” said an anonymous sophomore.

“It was great; I was singing in my living room,” said senior JJ Sims.

Others were not huge fans. “It was just too extra,” said sophomore Hunter Moser.

Some debated that the game was not fair or that the refs were not making fair calls. Others think it was a very fair game seeing as the score was tied at the end.

“The refs made unfair calls at some points,” said an anonymous sophomore.

“It was a very fair game; I didn’t think it was going to go that smoothly,” said Martin.

Most liked the Kansas City Chiefs winning. Others rooting for the Eagles were upset about the outcome.

“I wished the Eagles could have won, but it was still a good game,” said an anonymous junior.

“I loved that the Chiefs won; that’s who I was pulling for,” said Martin.