Feelings on Christmas

Christmas is a holiday widely celebrated in America. 

There are plenty of reasons why people celebrate Christmas, such as religion, family, and food. Cali Perry, freshman, said, “I celebrate because I like eating food and getting presents. I like being greedy.” 

“I celebrate Christmas to recognise the day baby Jesus was born,” Jay Burgess, sophomore, said. “Especially prayer before dinner. I love the sense of togetherness.”

Many people love the gift-giving aspect of Christmas.  “I like when people buy me things, but then I feel bad for not buying them anything,”  Lincoln “Linky” Ince said. 

Covid affected students differently. Many students like how covid has affected their holiday traditions. “Covid has made Christmas better because I have to see less people,” Perry said. “Covid has made me more grateful for the people around me,” Burgess said.

Some students view on Christmas haven’t changed. “Covid hasn’t really changed much. Christmas is just as bleak and soul-crushing as ever, ” Ince said.

“My least favorite part of Christmas is when its over,” Burgess said. “I really love Christmas specials and all the festive decorations,” Perry said.