Students Love Their Pets

Alex Smotherman’s cat relaxing in her plant haven.
Kenley Turner’s pointer lab mix, Peanut.
Ashley Gonzalez’s adorable Westie puppy named Kitty.
Ashley Gonzalez’s Yorkie and Westie puppies are adorable.
Chilling in a baby carriage; cat belongs to Alex Smotherman.

Many students have different types of pets at their homes.

“I have three cats,” said Alexandra Smotherman”I like playing and cuddling with them, they are my comfort animals. I’ve been so much happier since I got my cats. I love them to bits.”

“I have a dog,” said Kenley Turner”He is 6 years old, and is very sweet. I have to include taking care of him in my daily routine. I love him so much!”

“I have one Yorkshire mix, a Westie, and 3 Yorkshire Westie mixes,” said Ashley Gonzalez “I enjoy playing with my puppy, but I love to walk all of them. I love their energy and personality, because they all have very different personalities but are very funny and enjoyable. The puppies have definitely changed my schedule multiple times.”