Baby Goat at Chatham High

The Boar baby goat’s name is Kevin. He belongs to the Bergeron family.

A eight-day-old baby goat named Kevin came to school last week.

Kevin was rejected by his mother when he was born and is now a bottle-fed baby.

Kevin was a big hit at school during the day.

“It was the cutest thing ever,” said Faith Oakes, sophomore.

“It brought so much so positivity to the class,” said Jaedyn Thompson, sophomore.

“He was so cute with his little diaper,” said Megan Yeatts, freshman. He wears a diaper to avoid accidents on the school floor.

Most people aren’t used to seeing goats, let alone a baby goat.

“That was the first time I have ever seen a baby goat,” said Amario Henry, sophomore.

“I don’t really ever see farm animals, so it was very new,” said Kayle Santiago, sophomore.

All of the students really want Kevin to come back to school for another day.

“He was a great learning opportunity, since most people don’t really ever see farm animals,” said Zander Cornell, junior.

“It made my day just having him in the classroom for a little bit,” said Thompson.