Unusual Pets

A CHS sophomore has many exotic animals that she keeps as pets.

Kayle Santiago has nine different kinds of animals. Some of them are typical to have as pets, but some are very unusual.

“I have many animals, and they are all normal to me, because I have had them my entire life,” said Santiago.

Photos and Videos for Gambel's Quail, All About Birds ...Many people find it shocking when they realize that she has all of these pets at her home.

“People are always weirded out when I tell them I have one monkey, five peacocks, one quail, one cockatoo, and twenty pigeons,” she said.

Although Santiago has many different pets, she also has some typical ones.

“I also have two ducks, two bunnies, a husky, and chickens. They aren’t as exotic, but I don’t love them any less,” she said.

“Many of them eat corn, but the monkey eats people food, and my dog eats dog food,” said Santiago. “My bunnies like eating carrots, and my bird likes seeds.”

Santiago loves her animals, but she isn’t the only one looking after them.

“My grandpa takes care of all the animals besides the dog and the bunnies. I try to play with all of them at least twice a week.”

“Most of them stay outside, but the monkey and the cockatoo stay inside. The monkey is the meanest one of them all.”

“Many people look at me weird when I tell them the kinds of animals I have, but I have always grown up knowing and loving all of my pets,” said Santiago. My family is from Puerto Rico, so we brought the animals with us when we came here.”