College Essentials

Upcoming college students are excited to prepare for their 2023-2024 freshman school year.

Here are some essentials for everyday college life and dorm rooms.

1.Sheets- Most dorms require XL twin size bed sheets; Amazon has a reasonably priced, wide selection of twin-sized sheets that include the fitted sheet, flat sheet and pillowcase.

2.Shower Caddy- This will make it easy to carry your shampoo, conditioner, and other shower gear to the dorm bathroom.

3.Shower Flip-Flops- It’s best to avoid walking in the community bathroom barefoot. Using slip-resistant sandals will keep the germs from your feet and prevent infections.

4. Bath Towels- Bath towels are essential; many stores, like Marshalls, Dollar General, and Family Dollar,  sell affordable towel sets.

5. Clothes Hangers- Most dorms have closet space but don’t provide clothes hangers.

6. Mini Fridge- A mini fridge is great for small  items like snacks and drinks.

7. Microwave- A microwave makes it easier to reheat leftovers or cook small meals.