People At CHS Share Their Unique Autumn Dishes

No more bummer summer; it’s time for autumn and cozy, warm meals.

“I love pecan pie and brownies in fall,” said Greenleigh Stewart, freshman. “My favorite is sweet potato casserole. The dish is easy to make.

Pineapple upside down cake

“I enjoys peach fritters in the fall.  They are easy to make and are inexpensive. They give me a cozy mood for autumn and make her feel more at peace,”  Jordyn Burgess said.

” I cook sausage balls and broccoli casserole for the fall season,” said Mrs. Sandra Whitehead, guidance administrative assistant. “My favorite for the season is pineapple cake. I make it for family gatherings; it’s highly affordable. The presentation is my most favorite part; it has to look perfect,”

“I like double pumpkin pie and fruit pizza,” said Delany Meadows.  “My favorite is chocolate eclair cake; I love the graham crackers sprinkled on top.  It’s simple to make and costs about $13.  I bake it for my family; it’s a great autumn dish.”

Other people like warm dishes for fall.

“I love Brunswick stew and chili when it gets cool,” said Mrs. Janet Bishop, English teacher. Those two options are generally inexpensive to buy; the stew is more labor intensive than chili, but both are great for a cold evening.”

“I like Philly cheese steak for the autumn months,” said Mr. Adam Tate, business teacher. “I like the taste combination the most.”